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February 08, 2020: National / International Current Affairs

current affairs 8 February
current affairs 8 February

1. LHC bans plastic bags at mega stores

• The Lahore High Court on Friday banned use of plastic bags at all mega stores in the provincial metropolis and gave them 15-day deadline to comply with the order and switch to alternative shopping bags.
• Justice Shahid Karim passed the order on an application moved by Haroon Farooq seeking a direction to the Punjab government to legislate on banning use, manufacture and sale of polythene bags and introduce a necessary legislation in this regard.
• During the hearing, petitioner`s counsel Barrister Abuzar Salman Niazi told the court that in October 2019, the provincial chief secretary had given an undertaking to a full bench in a separate case that the government would introduce law on prohibition of polythene bags. However, he said, nothing had been done so far by the government

2. Internet services exempted from excise duty, rules SC

• The Supreme Court has ruled that voice communication through internet does not attract federal excise duty (FED).
• `Internet services and facilities are wholly exempted from FED and nothing extraneous can be read into the relevant entry to qualify or restrict such exemption,` said Justice Maqbool Bagar on Friday in a judgement he authored.
• It is a settled point in law that a fiscal provision of a statute has to be construed literally in favour of the taxpayer since any charge or levy of tax can be imposed in unambiguous and categorical terms only and not by presuming any intendment, said the judgement

3. 200-year-old temple returned to Hindu community

• After 72 years, the authorities handed over the building of a 200-year-old temple to the Hindu community in Zhob on February 7, 2020.
• The temple was used as a government school for over 30 years but now the school has been shifted to another place.
• The keys to the doors of the four-room temple building were handed over to the Hindu community leaders at a ceremony held outside the temple.
• Maulana Kakar handed over the keys to the temple`s doors to Saleem Jan, chairman of the local Hindu Panchayat.

4. Military officers of 45 countries visit Gurdwara Panja Sahib

• A National Defence University (NDU) delegation of senior military officers from 45 countries visited Gurdwara Panja Sahib, Hassanabdal, on February 7, 2020.
• Led by Air Vice Marshal Syed Sabahat Hassan Shah, the delegation comprised military officers from friendly countries and faculty members of NDU, Islamabad.
• The foreign military of ficers visited various parts of the Sikh temple and saw the sacred Sikh reli-gious stone with handprints of Baba Guru Nanak, founder of Sikh religion.
• On the occasion, Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) Deputy Secretary of Shrines Imran Gondal briefed guests about the history and importance of Gurdwara Panja Sahib for the Sikh community.

5. Novelist Nisar Aziz Butt passes away

• Eminent novelist Nisar Aziz Butt passed away in the early hours of February 7, 2020.
• She was 93.
• Nisar had suffered a stroke on Sunday night. She passed away peacefully at Fajr time, surrounded by her sons Ashar Aziz and Ahmar Aziz Butt, brothers, grandchildren and nieces and nephews, said Rameeza Nizami, the CEO Nawa-i-Wagt Group and Nisar Aziz`s family member.
• Born in 1927 in Mardan , Nisar Aziz Butt belonged to the same generation of some other widely acclaimed Pakistani women writers, including Qurratulain Hyder, Altaf Fatima, Khadija Mastur, Jamila Hashmi, as well as short story writers Mumtaz Shirin, and Hajra Masroor

6. Actor Nighat Butt is no more

• Prominent TV, film and stage actor Nighat Butt passed away in Lahore on February 7, 2020 after suffering a stroke. She was 72.
• For almost three decades, she remained active in showbiz.
• Her husband, actor Abid Butt, had passed away some four years ago. The veteran actor breathed her last at a local hospital. Her last days were miserable owing to economic constraints and medical complexities she was facing. She was suffering from multiple diseases such as blood pressure and diabetes and her mental health had also been affected. The showbiz circles earlier this year had requested the Punjab government for financial aid for the actor.
• Nighat was a prominent actor of her times she acted in several TV plays such as Khwahish, Pyaas, Landa Bazaar and Waris.
• She also did a lot of stage plays in early and mid-1960s

7. Pangolin suspected as main source of coronavirus outbreak

• Chinese researchers investigating the animal origin of the deadly coronavirus outbreak in China said on February 7, 2020 the endangered pangolin may be the `missing link` between bats and humans, but other scientists said the search may not be over.
• An earlier study since discredited pointed to snakes, and there remain numerous candidate species in the Wuhan wildlife market thought to be ground zero of the epidemic.
• The SARS outbreak of 2002-3, involving a different strain of coronavirus, was transferred to humans by the civet, a small mammal prized in China for its flesh.
• Many animals are capable of transmitting viruses to other species, and nearly all strains of the coronavirus contagious to humans originated in wildlife.Bats are known carriers of the latest strain of the disease, which has infected at least 31,000 people and killed more than 630 worldwide, mostly in China where the outbreak originate

8. Antarctic base records hottest temperature ever

• A research base in the Antarctic has recorded the hottest temperature ever for the continent amid rising concern about global warming that has caused an increase in the melting of ice sheets around the south pole.
• The Esperanza base on the northern tip of the Antarctic peninsula recorded a temperature of 18.3 degrees Celsius (64.94 degrees Fahrenheit), the highest on record, the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) said on February 7, 2020.
• “(This) is not a figure you would normally associate with Antarctica even in the summertime. This beat the former record of 17.5 degrees C, which was set back in 2015,” WMO spokeswoman Clare Nullis told reporters in Geneva

9. Coronavirus shuts world`s largest auto plant

• The most productive car factory in the world fell quiet on February 7, 2020 as South Korea`s Hyundai suspended operations at its giant Ulsan complex, hamstrung by a lack of parts with the coronavirus outbreak crippling China`s industrial output.
• The five-plant network can make 1.4 million vehicles annually, in a coastal location facilitating importing components and exporting cars globally.
• As a result, Hyundai which with its affiliate Kia ranks as the world`s fifth-largest auto manufacturer has run out of the wiring harnesses that connect vehicles` complex electronics. It is having to suspend production at its factories across South Korea, putting 25,000 workers on forced leave and partial wages, healthy victims of the disease outbreak across the Yellow Sea.

10. Cricketer Nasir jailed for spot-fixing on entering guilty plea

• Former national cricketer Nasir Jamshaid was sentenced to 17 months of imprisonment on February 7, 2020 by a Manchester Crown Court after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to bribe other players to spotfix in a Twenty20 match.
• In the same case, Mohammed Ijaz was sentenced to 30 months and Yousaf Anwar to three years and four months for conspiracy and bribery.

• Following a covert investigation by the UK`s National Crime Agency (NCA) in 2017, Jamshaid admitted bribing cricketers to fix elements of international matches.
• In December 2019, 32-year-old Jamshaid, who was living in Old bury in the West Midlands, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit bribery.

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