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best schools in islamabad

List of Top Best Schools in Islamabad

Are you Looking for Top Best Schools in Islamabad?

In this article, we will see Top Best Schools in Islamabad. In anyone’s life, Education plays an extremely important role nowadays. To get good quality education is everyone’s right. Education can make a person strong to face any difficulties in practical life. In such a competitive society, to achieve a good education is such a big task for everyone. And for this, to find a good school is the most primary priority which is too difficult to select among such a long chain of schools.

Parents are so concentrated on their children’s studies because as time flies, competition is increasing day by day. Parents hunt the schools which not only provide good education to their children but can also polish them in every field.

So in Islamabad, there is a long chain of Best schools in Islamabad for children as there is a very big competition between schools and all of them are so dedicated to their student’s future.  It is a great task for the parents to select the best one which suits their choices!

List of Best schools in Islamabad:

Here we have made a list for you of Best schools in Islamabad for kids to help you to find the best one for you!

Note the list down below is not in any particular order:

1: Islamabad convent school:

If you are looking for the best school, this one can be an excellent choice for you. This school can give an admission of O-Level, AS/A level or other grade students and is definitely offering best quality education to the students. They also focus on the character-building of children. Teachers of this school are well-educated and are well-mannered. They also aware children of some of the other sports activities and also arrange programs. People of the lower class can also afford their fees. So with low fees, children can get the greatest quality education and can make their future bright!

Islamabad convent school

Islamabad Convent School

General Information:

  • Address: 9th Street, H-8/4
  • Timings: 8:00 A.M TO 3:30 P.M
  • Contact: (051)4939291

2: Westminster Academy Islamabad

You can also select this school among all Islamabad’s best schools as it provides a unique environment for kids. They keep a great balance between studies and extra co-curricular activities for kids. The teachers are so loving and caring for their students as they are too responsible and highly concentrated about their future. There you will see that your kid is becoming more fit day by day if he takes part in some other sports competitions that are held in this school. They not only focus on the need for learning and brainstorming but also upon children’s physical fitness!

General Information:

  • Address: 12 Margalla Road, F-8/3
  • Timings: 7:30A.M. TO 3:00P.M.
  • Contact: (051) 2286944, 2292308

3: Roots Millennium School:

I highly recommend Roots Millennium School for your kids as they are providing high-quality education, great facilities, and extra activities. This school has a solid foundation of learning and develops a great love of learning in children. All the teachers there are professional, caring and truly well-organized. They make the students self-disciplined and create awareness about how important is the need for getting an education in this modern world. So it can be the right choice for you among the Best schools in Islamabad!

General Information:

  • Contact: (051) 111 111 193

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4: Schola Nova:

Schola nova community provides well-round education with the best facilities of extra co-curricular activities and makes the children mentally and physically fit. They also organize creative arts programs and sports activities and competitions. Their main priority is academic excellence and to create discipline. All teachers work very hard to make the students’ future bright and successful!

General Information:

  • Address: No.5, street 8, F-8/3.
  • Contact: (051) 2855003

5: International Grammar School & College:

International grammar school & college is one of the Best schools in Islamabad as it is providing exceptional education to the students for many years. This school is just a perfect place just because of its beautiful and wide campuses, high qualified teachers and professors, exciting activities and sports competitions, international trips, etc. this can be the best choice for you among all Best schools in Islamabad for kids!

General Information:

  • Address: Street 58, F 11/4
  • Contact: (051) 2103520
  • A-level office: (051) 2102526, 8359366

6: Froebel’s International Grammar School:

Froebel’s International grammar school is considered as one of the best primary schools that are in Islamabad. The school is well managed and disciplined with high qualified staff, labs with the latest instruments, beautiful classes, and sports grounds. This school provides education of primary and secondary with great qualified teachers that are highly concerned about their students’ studies. They focus on both the educational and creative abilities of the children to make them perfect for their upcoming life!

General Information:

  • Timings: 8:00A.M. TO 2:00 P.M.
  • CONTACT: 0800-00808(TOLL-FREE), 0334-4444901

7: Head Start School Kuri Campus

The seventh school in my list of Best schools in Islamabad is head start school, Kuri campus that offers an excellent quality of education to their students. They consider education as the most important part of life and also give a big bundle of extra co-curricular qualities to their children. They have skilled and trained teachers that are truly focused on their work to make children the stars of the nations. So you can also select this school for your children.

General Information:

  • Address: Najib Murtaza Road, near Bahria Enclave
  • Contact: +92 51 8435 485

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8: International Islamic Grammar School

This is also one of the Best schools in Islamabad for kids as they offer parents great development skills and education for their kids at affordable fees. Besides high-quality education, they also create awareness about Islamic values of life among children. They not only focus on the need for education in one’s life but also upon making a person a good human being. They hire highly qualified teachers to give the students the best.

General Information:

  • Address: 7, Sumbal road, F-10/3
  • CONTACT: (051) 2102423

9: Joan McDonald School

This Joan McDonald School offers education from nursery to matric level. Here they not focus on studies but also to other activities to keep the children perfect in all ways. Tournaments of various games are held and medals are awarded to the winners whether they are juniors or seniors.  They offer academic excellence and also all services of security. It is a school that is fully appreciated and recommended by people.

General Information:

  • Address: Street # 9, sector. H- 8/4
  • Contact: (051) 4939305, (051) 2530772

10: Fazaia Education System School Islamabad

It is absolutely considered as one of the affordable schools in Islamabad to help middle-class parents to provide education to their children at such affordable prices. The teachers of this school are so friendly and cooperative and organize various programs too. So this can be a better choice for you!

General Information:

  • Contact: (051) 8311291

11: Lahore Grammar School Islamabad

Great educational place for your children and it is because of its excellent services I have included the name of this school in my list of Best schools in Islamabad. You will really appreciate its high-quality education that they are offering parents at affordable fees. Parents will surely get satisfied with their children’s studies when they admit them to this school. So choose the best which suits you the rest!

Lahore Grammar School Islamabad

Lahore Grammar School Islamabad

General Information:

  • Address: 16-H, Luqman Hakeem Road, G-6/3
  • CONTACT: (051) 2276247, (051) 2276980

12: Liberal Arts High School:

The eleventh choice in the list of Best schools in Islamabad is Liberal arts High School. They develop confidence and great learning skills in the students and make them self-disciplined. They make students mentally and physically fit by also giving them opportunities for playing different games and sports. The whole staff and teachers are well-disciplined and hardworking making their students well-aware of the need for discipline and hard work.

General Information:

  • Address: House#70, Main Margalla Road, F-7/2
  • Contact: (051) 2609666-7

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13: Oxbridge International Grammar School

This Oxbridge international grammar school is established upon the realization to create an atmosphere of high academic excellence with Islamic studies. It is one of the good educational places that you will find in Islamabad as their most preferable priority is to maintain a balance between studies of Islamic culture and modern education among children. They also hire experienced and skillful teachers to maintain their quality of education.

General Information:

  • Contact: (051) 2225155

14: Pak Turk International School Islamabad

Here, an excellent quality of education is provided to the children along with great facilities. The teachers are so caring and hard-working and are so concerned about students’ future. They also provide children some activities. Many branches of this school are there in Islamabad with the aim of developing great skills!

Pak Turk International School Islamabad

Pak Turk International School Islamabad

General Information:

  • Address: Plot no.3, park road, near Taralai, Taramri chowk
  • Contact: 2615781

15: BloomField Hall School:

Bloomfield hall school is also a good option among all the Best schools in Islamabad. If you are highly concerned or depressed about providing your children with modern skills along with Islamic value then this option can be the best choice for you!

Apart from studies, it also offers English language and swimming classes to their students. The teachers are so friendly and cooperative and work hard to make one’s future bright!

General Information:

  • Address: Street #21, Korang Town
  • Contact: (051) 5957271

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16: Al Huda International School

This AL Huda International School is highly recommended by me as it provides students great academic studies with an Islamic atmosphere. It is a great advantage for the parents as their kids can become successful and a good human being in their life. Management of AL Huda International School is highly concerned about their students’ future and is so concentrated and dedicated to their studies. All the staff is so supportive and helpful thus creating an atmosphere of peace and friendship!

General Information:

  • Address: 7-A.K.BROHI Road, H-11/4
  • Contact: (051) 4866124

17: Imperial International School and College Islamabad

Their mission is like a challenge to create an atmosphere of learning that encourages expectations of great success. They provide a safe, caring, disciplined, supportive and hardworking environment. Each student has positive relationships with their teachers and staff as they also offer a friendly environment to make students not to feel shy about asking anything. Their staff is so well-mannered and dedicated that they are actively involved in student’s learning. This can be highly recommended among all the Best schools in Islamabad for kids.

General Information:

  • Address: House # 316, Service road North, F-10/3
  • Contact: (051) 2103724-7

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List of Best schools in Islamabad in 2019

  1. Islamabad convent school
  2. Westminster Academy Islamabad
  3. Roots Millennium School
  4. Schola Nova
  5. International Grammar School & College
  6. Froebel’s International Grammar School
  7. Head Start School Kuri Campus
  8. International Islamic Grammar School
  9. Joan McDonald School
  10. Fazaia Education System School Islamabad
  11. Lahore Grammar School Islamabad
  12. Liberal Arts High School
  13. Oxbridge International Grammar School
  14. Pak Turk International School Islamabad
  15. BloomField Hall School
  16. Al Huda International School
  17. Imperial International School and College Islamabad


At present times, Islamabad is considered one of the biggest and most well-developed cities in Pakistan. Apart from basic necessities and luxuries of life, people are highly concerned about their children’s studies and are really happy to find some of the Best schools in Islamabad that not only provide good education to their children but also aware of them with some moral values.

All the schools try to make their students both physically and mentally fit. They also arrange some tournaments and competitions to make the kids skillful and to have awareness about all other co-curricular activities.

I really hope that the list that I have made above will surely help you in finding the best option for your children and you will be surely satisfied with it!

So select the best which suits your choices and relax the rest!

best schools in pakistan

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