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Visitor Counter Using 7 Segment Display and LDR

Visitor Counter Using 7 Segment Display and LDR:

Hey guys! Today in this Blog, I am going to show you how to make Visitor Counter Using 7 Segment Display and LDR. It is very simple and best project to make, you can count the objects this project can be used to count the objects (Object Counter Circuit) you can make this project by some simple components just like 7 Segment Display LDR and Johnson counter IC.

What is Counter?

A digital visitor counter is necessary to count how many people entered into a specific area or a how many items are generated in a firm. The automatic visitor counter is a simple electronic circuit which is totally based on the analog and digital circuit because it has some part analog and some part is digital(7 segment Display) in analog the main part is LDR sensor which is the sensing element for any object. It is a simple and innovative project and it can be applied to science fair project for Electronic and Robotics students.

How does it work?

It can simply be done by this circuit, a light reference and a light sensor are used to detect the person and display the count using seven segment display with the help of 4026. The light reference and the light sensor placed in such a way that the visitor will cross the light path when he enters the hall.

Visitor Counter Using 7 Segment Display and LDR Circuit Diagram:

IC 4026:

Internal Construction Of IC 4026:


Timing Diagram Of IC 4026:

Circuit Working:

  • The light source from torch is continually hit on the LDR if so the resistance of LDR is too low and the voltage drop across LDR and ground is less than 0.6V then
  • The threshold voltage 0.6V can be set by varying the POT 10K
  • When a person or an object is passed between the light beams light will not hit on the LDR so the resistance of LDR becomes high.
  • We have V=IxR (Voltage = Current X Resistance) i.e., the resistance of LDR is the high voltage across LDR become high.
  • If the voltage across Light Depending Resistor exceeds to 0.6V then the transistor will ON and start conducting When the transistor is ON, the potential at point A becomes LOW and when the transistor becomes OFF, the potential at a will be HIGH.
  • As soon as the person crosses the light beam a LOW and HIGH voltage transition occurs at the point A.
  • Which is given to the Clock of 4026IC, it will start to count with the clock and display on 7- segment display 4026 will increment the count when each person enters the room.

Importance of Visitor Counter Circuit Using 7 Segment:

  • Automatic Entry Counter Circuits are used to count the items that are manufactured in any industry.
  • They are used to find how many people are entered into the specific area (House, Malls, Factory).
  • They are used to count how many people leave the specific area and they are able to send this data to the PC with the help of some Micro-Controllers.

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