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230+ Repeated NTS Test MCQs with answers |For jobs in Pakistan 2019|

Hey Guys, Today in this blog I am going to give you the List of Most Repeated NTS Test MCQs with answers For jobs in 2019, These are the MCQs that are mostly repeated in National Testing Service tests.

I have collected all the data and merged them into one file you will be able to download that file in the last section of this post you can easily download the PDF of 230+ Repeated NTS test MCQs and their answers so you can get benefit from these MCQs list that is a most repeated in every NTS test or exams for job.

Well! before uploading MCQs let me tell you something.

I Believe in Smart Work, Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart”

because a smart worker knows how to handle things in an easy manner.

that is what this post all about. So, get maximum benefit from this list of NTS test repeated MCQs, I am sure this MCQs will be again repeated in future tests of NTS and this post will probably help you in NTS test preparation.

List of 230+ Most Repeated NTS Test MCQs with Answers

  1. Charge on Neutron? (Neutral)
  2. Current flow means? (Flow of electron)
  3. What is freezing point of Water? (0C)
  4. When Muslim league comes into being? (1906)
  5. The first president of Pakistan Muslim League? Khaliquzzaman (1949)
  6. Which melts at room temperature? Mercury
  7. Who is the chairman of Senate of Pakistan? Sadiq Sanjrani
  8. What is Soap? Salt
  9. What type of gas in the electric bulb?  (Argon, neon etc)
  10. Who is Saudia King? Salman
  11. Who put martial law in 1977? Zia ul Haq
  12. Who abrogated constitution in 1958 and put martial law? Sikandar Mirza
  13. Who is chancellor of Germany? Angela Markel
  14. Second prime minister of Pakistan? Nazim uddin

  1. Evolution means? Continuous
  2. Zamzam means? Stop flowing
  3. After one unit in 1955 who become Chief Minister of West Pakistan? Khan Sahib(Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan)
  4. Simon Commission report in the year of? 1930
  5. Capital change to Delhi from Calcutta in? 1911
  6. Dry ice? Solid Carbon dioxide
  7. Indus Basin Treaty? 1960
  8. Sheetan ko pebble Kaha many? Muzdalfa
  9. ILO? International Labour Organization
  10. Kashgar is in? China
  11. Pakistan and China connect with? Khunjerab Pass
  12. Lolyd Muhammaden authored by? Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
  13. Hormuz lies between? The Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf
  14. Who abolished one unit? Yahya Khan
  15. Jaliawala Bagh Massacre at? Amster 1919
  16. Sindh separated ? Govt of India Act 1935
  17. After 1946 election the CM of NWFP? Khan Sahib(Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan)
  18. Which is landlocked country? Nepal
  19. M of Iraq? Haider al Abidi
  20. New name of Burma? Myanmar
  21. Pakistan and India boundary line? Radcliff
  22. Thickest layer of the earth?Mantle
  23. Income tax rate is 10% if tax deducted is 1500 what will be the income? 15000
  24. A boy purchase pen for Rs.80 and sold for 40? Loss Rs. 40
  25. A men purchase book of 440 and sold in 400? Loss 40
  26. CNG? Compressed Natural Gas
  27. Quran Pak completed in? 23 years
  28. Janat UI Baqi? Madina
  29. Daily wages of a worker is 200 increased by 10%? 220
  30. Hexagon? Six-sided

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  1. More elastic? Steel
  2. Diamond is the form of? Carbon
  3. 1st constitution assembly dissolved by? Governor General Malik Ghulam Muhammad
  4. Montague Chelmsford reforms? 1919
  5. Blood is cleaned by? Liver
  6. Baqrah surah means? Cow
  7. 4cm square area? 16cm2
  8. 3% of 2000? 60
  9. If 45% students fail and 550 passes total number of students? 1000
  10. Four side equal ? Square Animals Who kill other for food is called?Predator
  11. SAARC has 8 members.
  12. Rats and mice killed by rotten decide 16 men complete work in 10 days how much days required completing work by 8 men? 20 days.
  13. Death of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH): 632AD
  14. Compilation of Quran into a book: Hazrat Abu Bakar
  15. 8th Amendment in the constitution: Zia-ul-Haq
  16. First C-n-C: General mersery
  17. Governor General of State bank of Pakistan: Ashraf Mehmood wathra
  18. 2nd Governer General of Pakistan: Nazimun din
  19. Daughter’s of Muhammad (PBUH): 4
  20. Mycology is a study of: Fungi
  21. President of France: Francios Holland
  22. Heptagon: 7 sides
  23. Surah without Bismillah: Surah Touba
  24. President of Iran: Hassan Rohani
  25. Current Unit: Ampere
  1. USA foreign Secretary: John Kerry 68th Secretary of State of the United States.
  2. Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations: Maliha Lodhi
  3. Iraqi President: Fuad Masum
  4. Lightyear is measured: distance
  5. Simla deputation presented the memorial in front of Viceroy Lord Minto

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  1. 8th Hijri Fateh Makkah.
  2. Scalene Triangle: No equal sides, No equal angles
  3. Vitamin A: Night Vision
  4. Carrot having: Vitamin A
  5. Pakistan area: 796,095 km²
  6. Egypt is situated in Africa
  7. Suez Chanel: Connects red sea to Mediterranean
  8. 1909 reforms minto morely
  9. Carrot source of vitamin A
  10. Vitamin A deficiency night blindness
  11. Current is unit of ampere
  12. Lightyear unit of length
  13. Sun is star
  14. Warkha bin Naufal
  15. Zunurain: Usman R.A
  16. 4 daughters of Prophet (P.B.U.H)
  17. The event of Miraj 10 Nabvi
  18. Prophet PBUH died 8 June 632 AD
  19. Study of fungi mycology
  20. Used in pencil graphite

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  1. Ozone prevents UV rays
  2. Member of constituent assembly 1946 jogendrnath
  3. 1973 constitution became effective on 14th August
  4. First marshal law 7th oct 1958
  5. One unit 1954
  6. AIML founded in Dhaka
  7. Simla deputation met Curzon
  8. Annulment of Bengal partition in 1911
  9. Cabinet palm had three members
  10. Second government general of PAKISTAN namzimudin
  11. Plants intake O2 and produce CO2 at night
  12. Al Aqsa mosque Jeruslumm
  13. Us states 50
  14. Egypt in Africa
  15. Bronze alloy cu and tin
  16. NATO north atlantic treaty org
  17. Without bismillah surah Tauba
  18. NWFP became province under british rule 1901
  19. Prophet’s daughters; 4
  20. Hazrat Khadija took Muhammad PBUH to; Warqa Bin Naufl
  21. Soorah without Bismillah; Tauba
  22. 1st compilation of Quran; Hazrat Abo-Bakar RA
  23. Zunnorain; Hazrat Usman RA
  24. Conquest of Makkah; 8th AH
  25. Miraj incident; 10th Nabwi
  26. Death of Muhammad PBUH; 632 AD (Iwrote633AD)
  27. 1st Revelation; 6B
  28. Al-Aqsa mosque; Jeru salem
  29. Al aasa moseque is in bait-ul-muqdas old city of jeru selum.
  30. Quran PAK converted into a book in the era of Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique.
  31. 8th Amendment in constitution Is ian the era of Genziaulhaq in 1985 and excessively used by president Ghulam Ishaq khan.
  32. First commander and chief of Pakistan frank misservy.
  33. Second governal general of Pakistan is Khawaja Muhammad nazimuddin.
  34. Heptagon has seven sides.
  35. Scalene Triangle: No equal sides, No equal angles
  36. 8th Hijri Fateh Makkah.
  37. Simla deputation presented them emorial infront of viceroy Lordminto
  38. The Lightyear is unit of length.
  39. Member of constitution assembly in 1946 was jogendrnath.
  40. First marshal law 7th oct 1958.
  41. Partition of Bengal was on 1911.
  42. The freezing point of water is 32f.
  43. Distillation Is the process through which salt Is removed from the water.
  44. Meteorology is the scientific study of the atmosphere.
  45. Red green and blue are primary colures.
  46. Rowlattact also was known as The Anarchica land Revolutionary Crimes Act,1919.
  47. Lack of Vitamin-A; Night-Blindness
  48. Carrot Is a source of Vitamin; A
  49. Mycology; Study of Fungi
  50. Electrons revolve around; Nucleus

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  1. Battery; converts chemical to electrical
  2. Universal donor; O negative( That’s what I have written)
  3. Sun; Star
  4. Plants intake/out-take at night; Oxygen/Carbon di Oxide
  5. Laughing gas; Nitrous Oxide
  6. Freezing point of Water; 32F
  7. Salty water; Distillation(I wrote Filtration)
  8. Primary colors; I wrote Red-Green-Blue(Don’t know the right answer)
  9. Pencil; Graphite
  10. Light-year; Length/distance
  11. Spider; 8 legs
  12. Bronze; Cu- Tin
  13. Meteorology; Study of atmosphere
  14. Unit of current; Ampere
  15. Governor General of SBP-Ashraf Mehmood wathra
  16. 2nd Governor General of Pakistan- Nazimudin
  17. Of daughter’s of SAW-4
  18. President of Iraq- Fuad Masum
  19. US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistanis- James Dobbins.
  20. Franc’s President- François Hollande
  21. Turkey’s President- Tayyip Erdoğan
  22. Iran’s President- Hassan Rouhani
  23. Unit of Current- Ampere
  24. Zunurain (having 2 noors who got married to the daughters of SAW)- Usman
  25. Sound can’t travel through a vacuum.
  26. Chemical to electricity is-Battery
  27. Pak area- 79695 km2
  28. Egypt in- Africa
  29. Suez Canal Connects –Red Sea+ Mediterranean sea
  30. US States- 50
  31. 1st revelation took place in-610 AD
  32. Al-Aqsa mosque is in- Jaruselaeum
  33. 1st Martial law took place in- 7th Oct, 1958
  34. Partition of Bengal annulled- 1911
  35. Lucknow pact was between- Muslim + Congress
  36. Freezing point of water is 0 degree
  37. Salt gets off though- distillation
  38. 5, 8, 11, ? 14
  39. Electrons revolve around- Nucleus
  40. Pencil – Graphite
  41. Ozone protects- UV Rays
  42. One unit was initiated on 22th Nov & established/took place on-14th Oct, 1955
  43. KPK was constituted to become a province by British in- 1946
  44. Normal body temperature
  45. Location of genes in body, DNA
  46. NO : of poles in magnet.. 2
  47. Opposite charge .Attracts
  48. Charge is store in…Capacitor
  49. Dia meteral ways divide circle in…2 parts
  50. No of bones in human skeleton….206

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  1. Right angle is,,,,90
  2. Ratio of 1km to 600m..5/3
  3. Power set of (1,2,3) has no of elements,,,,8
  4. For survival of species. , reproduction is necessary
  5. Study of medicine manufacturing is called,,, pharmacy
  6. Saifullah is tittle of which sahabi,,,, Khalid bin Waleed R.A
  7. Muslim stay in,,,,,,,, during the social boycott
  8. Who translated Quran from Arabic into Persian,,,,, Shah Waliullah
  9. Basic belief in Islam,,,, 5
  10. Diamond is form ofCarbon
  11. Dangerous gases,,,, Co
  12. Allindia Muslim league was founded in,,,, Dhaka
  13. Quaid-e-Azam delivered 14 points in 1929
  14. First president of Pakistan,,, Iskandar Mirza
  15. Last Viceroy of India,,,, Lord mount batten
  16. Capital of Nepal (Kat Mando)

Most Repeated NTS Test MCQs With answers

Download PDF of Most Repeated NTS Test MCQs With Answers

Note: I have uploaded some sample of Repeated MCQs of NTS above as an example.

remaining most of the repeated NTS Test MCQs with their answers are available in the pdf that I have linked down just click on download.

Repeated MCQs in NTS

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  1. Mubeen Anees

    the blog published in September 12, 2018, and in 7th mcqs
    Q: Who is the chairman of Senate of Pakistan? Raza Rabbani
    Correct Answer: Sadiq Sanjrani is the chairman senate not raza rabbani

  2. Owais saleem

    Asslamo alykum. Sir ap ko forts in pakistan mai aik video bnane chahiye. Sir zroor video bnaye k pakistan mai kitny forts hai aur kab bny hai aur kaha hai.

    • Walekum-Salam Owais Saleem,
      Thanks for your comment, and we will write a post about Forts in Pakistan soon!
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  3. great work & thanks for sharing . keep it up.

  4. Waqas majeed

    The event if Miraj is 11th of Nabvi NOT 10th of nabvi

  5. Sana

    Sir mjhy ye bta dn k nts test k liye last degree k regarding paper ata h ya general knowledge ka hi ata h r ye bhi bta dn ye confirm h k ye 2019 test ma ayngy Jo ap uploadkiye hn

    • Maina

      general knowledge bus 10 marks ka hota

    • Hey Sana,
      Thanks for your comment, NTS MCQS mostly depends on the type of job but mostly they follow mix pattern, few from general knowledge few from academic.
      And yes probably these question will again come in the future test of NTS.

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    plz Send me material of NTS.

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      Thanks for your comment, and really thanks for your appreciation it really matters most.
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  8. Syed Burhan Ahmed

    the blog published in January 5, 2019, and in 23rd mcqs
    Q: Income tax rate is 10% if tax deducted is 1500 what will be the income? 1500
    Correct Answer: 15000 instead of 1500


    SBP NTS k liye b ye important hain na?

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  12. Akbar

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    Plz upload NTS papers for entry test in post RN BSN nursing as soon as possible

  14. Faizan

    Aoa,sr ya mcqs un students ky liya b hy Jo intermediate ky bad nts dathy hy

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    ASF force mian .ASI k liay b nts mcqs prepair kr skta hy bnda ?

    • Hey Ubaid,
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  16. Ubaid

    iTS k past papers k liay b yhi question kam aa skaty hian kya ??

  17. Hey Ubaid,
    Thanks for your comment, and yes these MCQs are also helpful for the preparation of ITS ASF ASI Corporal Jobs.
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  18. ALI RAZA

    Do you have todays GAT general and GAT subject (Electrical) and GAT subject (Chemistry) papers
    I alsi need other past papers of NTS Gat General and Gat (Subject Electrical and Chemistry)

  19. ALI RAZA

    Do you have today’s GAT general and GAT subject (Electrical) and GAT subject (Chemistry) papers
    I also need other past papers of NTS Gat General and Gat (Subject Electrical and Chemistry)

    • Hey ALI RAZA,
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  20. Mehvish

    Blood is cleaned by kidney.

    • Hey Mehvish,
      Thanks for your comment, according to our research. Three organs purify blood: The liver is the main detoxification organ. Liver cells produce many enzymes which are capable of inactivating a wide range of substances which would otherwise be toxic to the body. The kidneys act as a filter where blood is purified and desired substances are then reabsorbed.
      Reference: QUORA

  21. aijaz khan

    Sir plz Sindhi Litrature par mcqs books pdf men upload karen . Thanks

    • Hey Aijaz Khan,
      Thanks for your comment, indeed we will upload MCQs related to Sindhi Literature .

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  25. Ambreen

    Primary colors are red ,yellow and blue

    • Adnan bashir

      indeed they are…and one i noticed on this site is that mcqs are repeated time to time..

      • Hey Adnan Bashir,
        Thanks for your comment, and these MCQs are collected from various tests and the main idea of this article was to display most repeated NTS MCQs, that is why mcqs are repeated time to time

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    • Mahrukh Ali Khan

      RGB are primary colors. Red Green Blue

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  26. Shafeeq Ahmad

    Salam sir
    I have applied for wapda saverals post
    Plxxx if you have mcqs about for wapda cts ..plxx send me in whatsapp pdf state..and method that what i shall look for these test … books etc


    • Hey Shafeeq Ahmed,
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  27. Mahrukh Ali Khan

    light year is a unit of distance not length

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