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best educational websites in Pakistan

Educational Websites in Pakistan for Students

Well if you are an online learner and in search of the best educational websites in Pakistan then you don’t need to search further we will provide you the best websites in Pakistan. As the Internet has made our lifestyle easy and lavish by bringing each and everything to our fingertips. Web developers are working day and night to facilitate the users to get more and more specific information on each and every single topic. Read More

common base amplifier tutorial

Common Base Amplifier, BJT Transistor Common-Base Amplifier

In our previous discussion, we learned that a common-emitter amplifier is most widely used amplifier circuit due to the fact that it provides good current gain and voltage gain, and Common Base Amplifier is least widely used amplifier from all three types of transistor amplifier configurations. Read More

pesco nts mcqs

PESCO NTS Test MCQs with Answer for Electrical/Electronic Job in Pakistan 2019

Hey, Today in this article we are going to give you the Past 100 PESCO NTS MCQs for Electrical/Electronic Engineering jobs in 2019, These MCQs are taken from past tests of Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) test of National Testing Service. Read More

voltage multipliers circuit

Voltage Multipliers- Working of Voltage Doubler, Voltage Tripler, Quadrupler

This article is based on the Voltage Multipliers, working of Voltage doubler circuit, voltage Tripler and voltage quadruple and the applications of voltage Multiplier circuits using different waveforms and circuit. Read More


What is Arduino Micro-controller? And How to Learn Arduino (Updated)

In this article, we will learn about Arduino Microcontroller, Different types of Arduino, Arduino Uno board Configuration,  How to Install Arduino IDE and How to Code in Arduino IDE for Building and Learning Basic projects.  Read More

what is electronics

What is Electronics?| History of Electronics, Difference between Electrical and Electronics

Hey in this article, We will solve the mystery behind one of the difficult question “What is Electronics?”, in this article, we will also cover History of Electronics, Difference between Electrical and Electronics, Applications of Electronics, and also fun facts about Electronics. Read More

bipolar junction transistor

What is Bipolar Junction Transistor? -Working Principal and Applications

The first Transistor was invented in 1948 by W.H. Brattain and J. Bardeen; transistor has gained good use, they are used in almost most electronic applications. Though a transistor is only slightly more than 70 years old, and it has replaced old vacuum tubes in almost all applications. In this post, we will cover What is BJT (Bipolar Junction Transistor) Step by Step, we will also learn working of BJT as an Amplifier and Switch and their Applications. Read More

PhotoDiode- Working, Operation and Applications | Easy Explanation |

This new article is based on the PhotoDiode? Working, Operations, and  Applications. Read More

Electrical Engineer Salary in 2019? Fresh Engineer Salary in Pakistan

As an Electrical Engineer Student or a Professional engineer, we have questions like Read More

Transistor Configurations ,Common Emitter, Base, and Collector Circuits

In this article, we are going to learn about Bipolar Junction Transistor Configurations, Common Emitter, Common Base and Common Collector. So far we have covered Introduction of Bipolar Junction Transistor. Read More

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