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IR Remote Tester Project Control LEDs on Remote

Hey guys! Today in this Blog, I will show you how to make IR Remote Tester Project to Control your LEDs on Remote, It is very simple and best project to make, you can make this simple circuit and easily impress anyone and it is very easy circuit to make you have to just buy two component one is IR (Infrared Sensor) and one MP3 remote or you can use TV just lets get started 😉

INTRODUCTION of IR Remote Tester Project:

  • The aim of this project is to design a circuit such that one can control home or industrial appliances using the help of remote.
  • Using remote to control appliances reduces human efforts and also it saves time.
  • The circuit can be operated up to a distance of 2-4 meters depending upon the remote which we are using.

Components for IR Remote Tester Project:

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  1. IR REMOTE RECIEVER (vs1838b)
  2. LED (Light Emitting Diode)
  3. 100 Ohm resistor
  4. Remote
  5. 9v Battery

 Diagram Of IR REMOTE TESTER Project:

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NOTE: if you do not find this IC in market, Don’t Worry You can use another alternative given below:

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Connections of IR Remote Tester Project Circuit:

  1. Pin 1 of VS1838b is  (GNN) which is connected to battery’s Negative terminal.
  2. Pin 2 (VCC 9v) of VS1838b is directly connected with 100ohm Resistor. And also connected with positive terminal of Battery.
  3. Pin 3 (OUTPUT) of VS1838b is connected with a Negative terminal of LED. And Positive terminal of LED is connected to one terminal of Resistor.


  • LED is controlled by pressing any key on the remote.
  • The remote TV/DVD or MP3 remote produce 38KHZ frequency.
  • When we press any button of IR Remote then remote sends some IR pulses of around 38Khz frequency.
  • These pulses are received by VS1838b  sensor, it gives a LOW signal.
  • We uses this LOW output signal to activate the LED. So by getting LOW output signal of VS1838b the LED start glowing, which indicates that the remote control is working correctly.

Example of Pulses created by IR REMOTE:

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Application Of IR Remote Tester Project:

  1. To Power ON TV/DVD on Remote .
  2. To Power ON home Appliances on Remote.
  3. To Control Devices on Remote.
  4. Can be use in Industries .

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This the Project IR Remote Tester Project |Control LEDs on Remote|, This is very simple project try this project and impress your friends and teachers, Simply instead of LED you can use relay here and you can connect AC load too, So make this project in some other level and show your level, This project is Workable We have also worked on this project and this project works very well, So if you feel any query feel free to contact us and you can comment below if you have any query, I hope you like my Tutorial “IR (INFRARED SENSOR) Remote Tester Project Control LEDs on Remote” if you like than appreciate my efforts by doing comment and Thanks for visiting. Stay connected for more amazing stuff, You will get Daily new updates regarding Electronic Engineering and Other amazing kinds of stuff and if you want to submit any useful information just contact with me I will submit that for you. Thanks for Visiting

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