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Common emitter amplifier

Common Emitter Amplifier, BJT Transistor Common Emitter Amplifier

In this article, you will be able to learn and understand the Common Emitter Amplifier its Working, characteristics, and their applications. Read More

Modulation Index, | Depth of Modulation | and Percentage Modulation

It is one of the important factors in AM Modulation (Amplitude Modulation) if the Modulation index is applied less than the overdamping will occur or in simple words, the envelope will be overdamped and the Information signal will not be same at the receiver side. The same case is true when the Modulation index is made greater than the normal limit. Read More

patrol officer Mcqs

FPSC Patrol Officer Test MCQs and Solved Past Paper

Hey in this article, we will give you the list of most important FPSC Patrol Officer MCQs that are collected from various sources. In this article, we will also upload solved past papers of Federal Public Service Commission Patrol Officer Job. Read More

What is Tunnel Diode? Working, V-I Characteristics

Tunnel Diode is invented by researcher Leo Esaki in 1957 he received the Nobel Prize in 1973 for discovering the electron tunneling effect used in these diodes. Therefore, it is sometimes known as Esaki Diode, he discovered that by adding high impurities to the normal PN junction diode a diode can exhibit negative resistance in the forward bias. Read More

Business Universties in Pakistan 2018

Best Business Universities in Pakistan 2019

Hey in this article, we will cover a list of “Top 10 Best Business Universities in Pakistan”, as per recent HEC rankings following universities are considered as Best Business Universities in Pakistan. Read More

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