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Half Wave Rectifier Working and Practical Applications

Half Wave Rectifier A Half wave rectifier is a Circuit which converts Ac voltages to Pulsating Dc Voltages. Let us Observe how this Half wave rectifier converts Ac voltages to Pulsating Dc, I have illustrated the process below: The process called half-wave rectification. and the circuit which performs this operation is called Half Wave Rectifier. Note […]

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Conductor Insulator and Semiconductor – Learn Fast

Conductor Insulator and Semiconductor: Conductor Insulator and Semiconductor are made up of atoms. These atoms contribute to the electrical properties of a Conductor Insulate and Semiconductor  material, including its ability to conduct electrical current. For purposes of discussing electrical properties, an atom can be represented by the valence shell and a core that consists of all […]

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Digital Electronics Practical MUET SZAB CAMPUS

Digital Electronics Practical MUET SZAB CAMPUS: Hey Guys! Welcome to, Today I going to give you the collection of Digital Electronics Practical for Third Year Electronics Engineering. It Contains Fourteen Practicals on Different Topics, These Practicals are given below. I have Uploaded Practicals in PDF format you can easily convert them to DOC or […]

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Basic Electrical Engineering Concepts and Terminologies

Basic Electrical Engineering Concepts and Terminologies: In this Article you will learn Very Basic Terminologies and concepts of Electrical Engineering that will help you in your knowledge. there are the some Basic Electrical Engineering Concepts and Terminologies. Electron Flow Theory:  It defines current as the flow of electrons from negative to positive. Conventional Current Theory: defines current […]

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Basic Physics Concepts that Everybody Must Know

Basic Physics Concepts that Everybody Must Know: These are the Basic Concepts of Physics that Everybody Must Know.  Matter: Anything that has mass and occupies space. Element: Any substance that can not be broken down into two or more simpler substances. Example:carbon, oxygen. Atom: The smallest particle of matter that retains the physical characteristics of an […]