Top Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Hey in this article we will show you Top Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan 2018 Where Every Tourist MUST Visit, So before doing that let’s have some facts on our beautiful PAKISTAN. Natural Beauty attracts everyone, Pakistan is the

Kiwai Kaghan Valley KPK

Kiwai Kaghan Valley KPK

country who have world most beautiful natural places, thousands of people from foreign countries come to visit them, Specially Kashmir and Northern areas of Pakistan, This part of Pakistan has been always famous all around the world because of Awesome green valleys, High Mountains, beautiful lakes, beautiful rivers, healthy weather and amazing and natural wildlife. All these places are Pakistan points of interest natural but that are not only places.

In this article, we will show you the Top Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan 2018 Where Every Tourist MUST Visit, You will not find these beautiful places all over the world.

Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan 2018


Muree is the best place to see the beauty of nature, Muree is situated in Pir Panjal Range which is at a distance of 60Km Northeast to Islamabad. Murree is the Queen of Mountains and it is also called Malka-e-Kohsar, It is few KM away from Islamabad, It is the place where you can feel everything natural.

Muree, Punjab, Pakistan

Muree, Punjab, Pakistan

If you go Muree then checkout these beautiful areas too.

Patriata, Murree Wildlife Park, Murree Hills, Ayubia, Khanspur, Ghor Daka, Changla Gali, Kahairagali, Nathiagali, Kashmir Point, Pindi Point.


the Best place which is located in Khyber Pakhtoon Khuan. Chitral is the best place and tourist city in Pakistan because of its natural beauty and spectacular sceneries, it has beautiful lakes, rivers, and villages that are the key to the attraction of eyes. In Chitral you are allowed to climb the mountains and do trekking activities, It is wonderful Place with awesome people and natural pure environment.



If you visit to Chitral then you Must checkout these places too.

Garam Chashma, Shahi Mosque, Birir or Kalash Valley, Bomboret Village, Buni Village, Rambur.


Bhurban is little away from the Jhika Galli, Murree. It is Near to Islamabad, It is a very attractive place for the visitors because of its natural beauty and Amazing View. It has a 10 KM golf course. It is the best place for golfers because It has a 9 room’s golf course on the mountains which attracts a huge number of golfers. If you visit Bhurban you must check out PC hotel which is also situated in Bhurban and a nursing home too.



Kalash Valley:

It is a valley which is situated in the Chitral. It is also called as Kafirstan and located in the North of Pakistan. Kalash valley is the best place and it is blessed and it has fertile land and almost all type of fruit is available on its soils. The whole Kalash valley looks is like pride on earth because it has green land and beautiful sceneries. Its hills are naturally green and could be seen everywhere in Kalash Valley.

Kalash Valley Pakistan

Kaghan Valley:

Kaghan Valley is 160 KM wide and it is situated on the awesome green fields of mountains. It is a Natural and beautiful place where thousands of tourists visit every year and It is also located in the northern areas of Pakistan. Kaghan valley is extremely massive and wide with an oversized variety of inexperienced fields. The land of Kaghan valley is the best place for the enjoying. In the Winter Snow covers all the land with it and makes it look more beautiful. It is situated on the series of Himalayas with thousands of pines it is in Muzaffarabad

if you visit Kaghan Valley then you must visit these beautiful places to:

 Machiara National Park, Black Fort, Sathra View Point, Lohar Gali, Red Fort, Jehlum Valley, Makra Mountain, Kaghan Valley, Pir Chanasi, Neelam Valley, Subri Lake, Danna.

Landscape Picture of Kaghan Valley

Landscape Picture of Kaghan Valley


Lulusar is a group of snowy mountains and a lake located near to the  Kaghan Valley, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Lulusar is one the of beautiful lake of Pakistan, it is famous for its beautiful eye attracting mountains that never get dries in every summer. Lalusar has gained lots of tourist in the past few years due to the peaceful environment and mirror-like surface of Lulusar Lake which reflects the great mountains.

lulusar Pakistan

lulusar Pakistan

Payee Meadows:

Payee Meadows or Siri Payee Meadows is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan, which is situated in meadow Payee, near Shogran in Kaghan Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Siri Paye meadows are just 6 km away from Shogran, a jeep ride, hike or horse ride can take you to the beautiful meadow located at the height of almost 2,895 meters (9,498 ft). The Payee Meadows is also famous for Payee Lake which is situated in the center of Payee Meadow. The best time to visit this place is the winter when the surrounding of Siri Paye meadow mountains are covered with the snow.


Payee Meadows

P.C: Lasfand Mehmood

 If you visit Payee Meadows then Checkout these Beautiful Places too.

Makra Peak, Malika Parbat, Musa ka Musala, Siri Lake

Ushu Forest:

Usho Forest a stress-free place which is located in the Usho Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is just 8 Km away from Kalam Valley and 123 KM away from Mangora, Ushu is famous for its cloudy and rainy forest. If you want to visit the beauty of northern areas then you should check out this beautiful forest too.

Ushu Forest


Kalam is an attractive and best place for the locals and tourists. It has awesome weather in summer. Kalam valley and surrounding mountains of Kalam are very beautiful and natural. Kalam is very famous for its waterfalls, lakes and lush green hills, and it is  270 Kilo Meter away from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. It is a very popular destination for tourists.

Kalam Pakistan

Kalam Pakistan


It is the best place and a Paradise for the locals and International climbers. Skardu is getting the more and more attention of the world from many past years. In the North of Skardu, the Karakorum Mountains are situated. The series of mountains looks very amazing for the locals and international level mountain climbers. Skardu is one of the beautiful places in Pakistan that is visited by thousands of tourists each year. There are beautiful visiting points in Skardu that are really popular.


 If you visit Skardu Checkout these Beautiful Places too.

Askole, Hushe,Deosai National Park, K2, Gasherbrums, Broad Peak, Trango Towers, Baltoro, Trango, Tibet

Rohtas Fort:

Rohtas Fort, also called Qila Rohtas, is situated in the famous province of Pakistan, Punjab. it is very near Jhelum Vally, This beautiful Rohtas Fort was built by Pashtun King Sher Shah Suri. This is the place for those who love to see the historical places the architecture of this Rohtas Fort is amazing. tourist love to visit this place. In 2018 the visit of this Rohtas fort is exponentially increased people love to visit this beautiful historical fort.

 Rohtas Fort by Hassan

Rohtas Fort

Lake Saiful Muluk:

Lake Saiful Muluk is a beautiful mountainous lake which is located in the northern areas of Pakistan. It is few kilometers away from Naran, and if you visit Naran do not forget to visit this lake too. This beautiful lake which is the part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is considered the top 5th best tourist place in Pakistan. The lake is so wide and beautiful. one of the best parts of this lake is its crystal blue clear and freezing water the bowl shape of this lake nourish your soul and make you feel the peace.

Lake Saiful Muluk, Naran KPK

Lake Saiful Muluk, Naran KPK

 Nathia Gali:

Nathia Gali heart of Abbottabad District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Nathia Gali is best tourist place and it is famous for its pleasant and foggy weather, and for its hiking tracks. Thousands of national and international tourists visit this beautiful place every year and it is only few KM away almost 1-hour drive away from both Murree and Abbottabad.





Gilgit Baltistan:

Gilgit Baltistan is the region of Pakistan and is very famous in terms of its geography and beauty. Gilgit Baltistan is a place with amazing fruit farms, fertile and green land, natural waterfalls, beautiful houses and small attractive shops. It is an awesome place with the full beauty of nature. People of Gilgit Baltistan are very friendly and co-operative.




Hunza Valley

Hunza valley is also one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan, it is mountainous valley located in the  Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. This beautiful valley is often referred to as heaven to the earth, it is surrounded by Himalaya Mountains and Karakoram mountains and this beautiful valley have been a great tourist place for many years.

Hunza Valley Landscape

Hunza Valley Landscape

Hunza Valley

Naltar Valley

Naltar is a valley near to Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan. It is famous for its color full crystal clear lakes and it is only a few KM away from Hunza and 2 hours away from Gilgit Baltistan. This beautiful valley is also famous for producing World’s tastiest potatoes,  and if you want to see paradise on earth you must visit Naltar Valley once.




 If you visit Naltar Checkout these Beautiful Places too.

Naltar ski resort, Naltar Bala, Naltar Pine, Bashkiri Lakes

Khunjerab Pass

Khunjerab Pass is also one of the best tourism spots nowadays, it is located in the Karakoram Mountains in a beautiful location of Gilgit–Baltistan. It connects Pakistan and China through a roadway. It is high mountain pass on the northern border of Pakistan with China.

The Khunjerab Pass is the highest point on the Karakoram Highway and also it is one of the highest border-crossing in the world due to this reason it has gained a good amount of travels in the last few years we prefer that this is the place where every traveler must visit.


PAK-CHINA BORDER Khunjerab pass

PAK-CHINA BORDER Khunjerab pass 


Quetta is the largest city of Province Baluchistan After that Gwadar is the 2nd largest city of the Baluchistan province. It is developing continuously and it is the best place and it has an excellent beach and Mountains. In close to future it’ll be a business hub of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan with an oversized harbor. Thousands of tourists will come here and enjoy their beautiful moments.


Singhar, Gwadar, Balochistan

Singhar, Gwadar, Balochistan

The Gorakh Hill Station

Pakistan is a beautiful Country which has natural and awesome beauty. It has four provinces and each has their own natural beauty. Gorakh is one of the best tourism places of Sindh province. It is a hill station located at 95 Kilo Meter in Northwest of the famous city Dadu. It is near to Wahi Pandi village of district Dadu and it is around 500 km away from Karachi. The Atmosphere of the Hill Station is very cold and totally different from the atmosphere of other areas of Sindh it receives winter and summer SnowFall. Some People call this best place, “The Paradise of Sindh”.

Gorakh Hill Station

Gorakh Hill Station

Gorakh Hill Station

Morning of Gorakh Hill Station

RaniKot Fort

RasniKot or Qilla of Rannikot is one of the historical places in Sindh, Pakistan. It is almost 90Km away from Hyderabad and is very near to Sann, Jamshoro, Sindh. It is considered to as a world’s largest fort with a circumference of approximately 32 KM. It is the best place for those who love to see historical places and you need 4 wheel drive jeep in order to see all of the Ranikot Fort.

Ranikot Fort

Makli Necropolises

Makli Necropolises is one of the largest and oldest Necropolis, Shah Jahan Mosque of Thatta (Built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and Having more than 93 Domes) and the famous Keenjhar Lake making this Makli famous for tourism. This historical place is known as Rome of Pakistan where tourist can see Old Classic Architecture and natural beauty.

Makli Thatta

Mohenjo Daro:

It is the best place for those who love to know History and it is situated in Larkana, District of Sindh, and it is 580 Kilometres away from the biggest city of Sindh (Karachi). In English, it is called “Mound of the Dead”. Mohenjo Daro has the very vast history more than 5,100 years. Thousands of International Tourists visit there on yearly basis to see the Hill of the Dead.

Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo Daro, Larkana

Thar, Sindh

This area of Pakistan is totally different from the rest of the areas of Pakistan. More than 80% of the people live in more than 210 rural villages, It truly is an interesting area of Sindh. Basically, Thar is a desert area and this dessert is very wide and large. The plants and animals of this area seem different from another part of the country. It is kinda Rajasthan of India. People of Thar Lives in Small villages in the mud huts. The life is miserable in Thar but it is the best place and full of action and excitement for those tourists and visitors who take pains to discover and see new cultures, lifestyle, and traditions.

Thar, Sindh

Thar, Sindh

Best Place Nilgiri Thar Sindh

Nilgiri Thar Sindh

Top Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan 2018

  1. Murree
  2. Chitral
  3. Bhurban
  4. Kalash Valley
  5. Kaghan Valley
  6. Lulusar
  7. Payee Meadows
  8. Ushu Forest
  9. Kalam
  10. Skardu
  11. Rohtas Fort
  12. Lake Saiful Muluk
  13. Nathia Gali
  14. Gilgit Baltistan
  15. Hunza Valley
  16. Naltar Valley
  17. Khunjerab Pass
  18. Gwadar
  19. The Gorakh Hill Station
  20. RaniKot Fort
  21. Makli Necropolises
  22. Mohenjo Daro
  23. Thar, Sindh

Did we miss any beautiful place or do you want to add anything in this list of “Beautiful Places in Pakistan Where You Must Visit in 2018”  Tell us in the comment section below, and share this post in facebook and Appreciate the efforts, Thanks to Visiting Stay Connected for Helpful Stuff.

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