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What is Arduino? And How to Learn Arduino

What is Arduino?

Hello World
Arduino Project

Welcome to my Blog Studentsheart.comIn this blog, we will learn about Arduino and its Programming and How you can Build Project.So Before starting that let me ask you have you ever build projects? Do you have the interest to make things? if yes, Then you are at right place, my friend. Today We will learn some interesting things about Arduino? and How to code in Arduino? and How to Make just let’s get started 🙂

What is Arduino?

An Arduino is a Micro-Controller its just like a human brain it processes information and then it performs some Arithmetic and Logical Operations on that information.

Arduino Arduino

  • An Arduino is an open Source Platform it means you can modify and build your own Arduino at home the source code is freely available you can make any modification into Arduino Basically, Arduino is built for Electronics Projects.It is consist of two things one is Hardware and another one is Software IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which runs on your computer. you can write programs of Arduino using Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Who Can Use Arduino?

  • It was built for designers, artists, programmers, newbies, and anyone interested in learning and making the new things. Arduino is awesome it can interact with buttons, LEDs, motors, sensors, GPS modules, cameras, Wifi, Bluetooth and internet and even your smart-phone.

So now you may have a question about How can I Start Learning Arduino Coding? let me tell you about that there is a lot of information on the internet about How to learn Arduino coding but I will tell you here How you can learn professionally and How you can code.

So I will suggest you download this book and read it its simple book with an easy explanation. click here

Arduino Coding

Read this book on the daily basis you will get familiar with the coding and How you can install Software on your computer? and also you can download Arduino IDE. Click here install this software plug in your’s Arduino’s Cable into your PC then select the tools and click on the port then select to COM3 and get started then simply verify your device drivers. for that simply click on upload button as shown below.

upload code

this is very simple nah? congratz, you have done best now just explore new and amazing features of Arduino If you want to make projects you can make these projects given below.

  1. Simple Arduino Projects:

Led Blinking

Line Following Robot

Object Avoiding Robot

Home Automation Using Arduino

Car Tracking using GSM

GSM Based Solar Tracking

CNC Machine

Robotic Arm

Lego Robots

and much more Arduino gives you free platform just think and then convert your imagination into reality you can build anything it just depends on your thinking abilities.well, you learned about Arduino now you may be thinking of How much it cost so let me tell you Arduino is a very cheap device you will get Arduino around $3.8 almost Rs:400 in Pakistan.

If you like my blog then share this information with your friends and also comment below if you have any query and if you made projects and want to share then comment below your project and show us your work. stay blessed and stay connected with latest updates 😉  for more visit


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