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8 Essential PC Software’s That Every User Must Have

Hey guys! Today in this blog I am going to show you some basic and essential PC software’s that every User must have, there are many tools in internet market that are paid ones, but if you want free software’s you will need to do lots of internet surfing to download them, Today in this blog I am going to give you my Best Collections of Free and cracked Tools, I hope you guys will enjoy. So Let’s get Started without wasting further time.

1:  VLC Media Player

The only media player that you will need after installing your new windows, It’s a free media player which supports almost every extention of MEDIA (MP4, AVG, 3GP, MOV, MP3, ETC) this is the media player which is widely used since 2009. This is best because it allows you to watch your media files easily and reliably they don’t show the watermarks or any other unwanted material on the media that you are playing.

TYPE: Media Player


Download Here:


WinRAR is the most widely used software it allows you to make the RAR or ZIP files that can not be harmed with the virus even it can allow you to compress your larger data into smaller data. Basically, It is compression software that compresses the data and protects your files from the virus. click down below to download the WINRAR.

Winrar png



Internet Download Manager is one of the best download managers that I think every computer or PC user must have because it provides you best speed plus it is reliable you can download almost every extension file using Internet Downloader Manager. So don’t waste your time just click down below and grab your IDM. one thing more it is paid tool but today I am giving you fully cracked IDM Download Manager. ENJOY!

Advantages of IDM: 

– Fast , really fast
– lot of options
– grab almost all streamed medias
– dedicated download folders
– light on resources
– browsers adaptability
– very fast support team

IDM Downloader Manager



Chrome Browser is one of the best and fast browsers available on the internet, It is very user-friendly and it has great speed of browsing it has the features of browsing surfing. you can even download the HTML codes and websites codes using Google Chrome it is Product of Google, There are many other browsing software’s available in market but people always prefer the best one, That’s why Google Chrome is one of the best and fastest browser available in Internet, Thousand and Millions of people uses Google Chrome, Whenever you install window you have to download this software but today I am giving you this software free just click below and download it.

Using Google Chrome you can Install addons, even you can modify your environment browser you can install themes you can play a game too. when you are out of Internet Google Chrome allows you to play the free game 😀

Icon Google Chrome



FireFox Browser is second most used browser for Internet, It has great speed compares to others browser, It is Very User friendly and it has real compatibility to use, It is very safe browser you can download videos using this browser even you can add plugins and add-ons and you can make bookmarks, even you can use it instead of Google Chrome. It is very fast in installing process, Google Chrome requires a good speed of Internet when you install it for the first time but FireFox is one of the easy and fast installing browsers.

Essential PC Software's



uTorrent is Windows Software it is type of downloading software but it has very good features, It allows you to download large amount of data (1MB to 100GB) data can be easily downloaded  by uTorrent, It is very popular downloading manager because it is very flexible you can download your file then you don’t have to worry, it will be automatic download whenever you will open your computer it will start downloading from that moment. Let’s Say! if you start to download a file and it is half downloaded say 60% and sudden your computer goes shutdown, now when you will open your computer again it will start downloading from 60% this best feature make this software amazing that is why it is very useful when you download a large amount of Data.

Utorrent png



7:  RUFUS:

So How I can forget this amazing software, This is one of the best software that I think every user must have because nowadays you do not go to market and buy windows CD, or DVD, Today is the Era of Internet everything is available in Internet what you do you just go to Any uTorrent website and download any windows whatever you want, and then just install this software to make your USB Windows Bootable. You don’t have to buy CD or DVD and get tensed when they get scratched or Stolen. just use this software and make your USB bootable. it is very simple to use if you want to learn How to use RUFUS comment below I will upload the post on that topic.

Make USB Bootable



Last but not least, PhotoScape is one of the easiest photo editing software that I will recommend every PC user to install it, It is very easy and best editing software with friendly user interference, Don’t Worry you don’t have any editing skills just don’t worry I suggest you install and when you install it you will be Professional Editor I guaranty you, This is really easy Software to use you can resize your image, you can modify your image you can make college of your image you can even do professional editing using this software.



This is the list of best Daily life and Useful Sofware’s , I have added all these “8 Essential PC Software’s That Every User Must Have” These are the Essential PC software’s that are available on internet but you will have to download them individually you will waste your time and efforts because finding best software in internet is very hard, Internet is full of scam you will not find exact software that you want so that’s why I have made this collection. These software are easy to download and useful for work, I my self-use these software’s on a daily basis if you want any software just comment below and let me know, I will make sure to upload that software for you.

If you find my Collection “8 Essential PC Software’s That Every User Must Have” Useful Then Comment Below and Appreciate the efforts, Thanks to Visiting Stay Connected for Helpful Stuff.

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